About Us

In July 2017 our founder Amy Donnelly was widowed at 33 with a 6 month old daughter.

Amy took to writing a personal blog about her grief journey to help not only herself but also others who found themselves in a similar devastating situation.

People from around the world contacted Amy to share their stories of loss and bereavement.

Lots of the communications came from fellow widows/ widowers who found themselves not only grieving but struggling with the financial implications of losing the main breadwinner in their family.

Amy and her daughter Matilda were fortunate as her husband had insurances and pensions organised which meant they wouldn’t need to worry about finances and they would continue to do everything they had planned to do as a family. They would still go on holidays, on day trips and live in the family home. Other families experiencing a similar bereavement are not always so finanically fortunate.

Many children who are bereaved have to move out of their family homes, change schools and suffer financial hardship as well as well-being issues as a result of the death of a parent or guardian.


Guardian Angels UK is a registered charity set up to support, preserve and protect the physical and mental health of children under the age of 18 living in the UK, who have experienced bereavement as a result of the loss of a parent/ guardian, by the provision of support and recreation and leisure time activities provided in the interest of social welfare, designed to improve their conditions of life.