Memories Made So Far

We currently have 103 children across the UK, who we are or have supported in some way.

Since our official launch in July 2018 and our acceptance of applications from August 2018 we’ve managed to the following:

At Christmas (2018) we sent 36 Christmas presents out with the help of Bracknell based company BMC.

At Easter (2019) we are sending 85 Easter eggs out with the help of various companies and individuals who are sponsoring the eggs.

We’ve sent or provided individual children with:

A weekend trip to Peppa Pig World,

To a Star Trek Convention in Birmingham for the weekend with VIP access,

On a 10 week course of Horse Riding lessons at Burley Lodge Equestrian Centre

An annual pass to Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World

Annual passes to Merlin Attractions

A camera, memory card, storage case and photography book

Tickets for a day at Marwell Zoological Park

Cookery Classes at River Cottage HQ

A short break in Norfolk

A terms worth of Gymnastic lessons

2 lots of 10 weeks worth of riding lessons at BFF Equestrian Centre in Canterbury

And we have more children who are about to receive a memory making experience from us!